5 Cloud predictions for the year 2020 – and beyond – 1/2

The following blog article talks about 5 cloud predictions for the year 2020 – and beyond – 1/2.

Today’s enterprise clouds continue to evolve, and enterprises must evolve with them by leveraging the next generation cloud model.

First-generation Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) clouds were built using decades of technology. Newer second-generation clouds are designed to support the technologies that drive the modern enterprise, such as AI, block chain, IoT and real-time analytics, and to meet higher levels of scalability, efficiency and security.

90% of all IT operations & data management tasks fully automated

Prediction 1: 90% of manual IT operations and data management tasks will be fully automated, opening the door to a new era of IT innovation.

While some technology professionals are still busy with routine tasks such as backing up, scaling, optimizing, monitoring and securing critical information systems, these activities are quickly becoming a thing of the past with autonomous databases. By 2025, approximately 90% of all manual IT operations and data management tasks will be fully automated. As a result, IT staff will have more time to explore the latest advances in AI and machine learning – from conversational user interfaces to block chain and IoT. For example, self-learning systems can automate data collection across multiple applications and automatically visualize millions of data points. By displaying enterprise data in charts and animations, business users can more easily identify trends, patterns, and correlations in their data rather than trying to learn from column reports and tables. The cloud is moving these advanced technologies into the mainstream.

What does VOQUZ offer? As an ORACLE partner, we are always up to date with the latest developments in autonomous databases. We have access to the complete stack of Oracle Cloud products to help our customers automate IT operations and data management tasks.

100% of enterprise applications contain some form of AI.

Prediction 2: 100% of enterprise applications contain some form of AI.

AI technology is changing enterprise computing by changing the way companies receive, manage, and secure business data. Companies are quickly turning to AI when they see the ability to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs. By 2025, 100% of enterprise applications will contain some form of embedded AI. These technological advances are impacting all areas of the enterprise and shortening the time to gain visibility by helping managers and executives gain a better understanding of operations, people, markets and customers.

What does VOQUZ offer? VOQUZ employs its own AI experts who implement AI functionalities in VOQUZ products such as VCrawl. VCrawl is an AI driven staffing tool for recruiting and service providers.

That was 5 cloud predictions for the year 2020 – and beyond – 1/2. Towards the end of next week (week 13) we will publish the second part. Look forward to another exciting and promising part 2…

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