Helmut Fleischmann - CEO VOQUZ Group

Helmut Fleischmann is the founder of the VOQUZ group. Before coming to VOQUZ, his 30-year career consisted of working in development and leading the Brain Force Group. He led Brain Force as the founder, managing director, board member, and owner. Fleischmann developed the company from a one-man operation to a group of about 1,200 with almost €100 million in revenue across 7 countries before selling his shares and retiring from the board in 2007.

Martin Kögel - Board Member, COO VOQUZ Group

Martin Kögel is COO of the VOQUZ Group. In 2010, he was a co-founder and director of the Cloud7 Group that merged with the DV-RATIO Group in September 2014 to create VOQUZ. Before his Kögel’s start as the manager of Brain Force, he gained 2 years of international experience with BOWNE. His positions then led him to Dublin, New York, and Yokohama. He would later on become the CFO of Wirecard AG. Kögel began working with Helmut Fleischmann in 2003 as the spokesman of Brain Force in Germany and as Investor Relations Manager of the Brain Force Group.

Bernhard Busley - Director VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH

Bernhard Busley is Director of VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH Deutschland. Prior to that, he already worked as a key account manager and independent sales consultant for the company. Before joining VOQUZ in 2015, Bernhard Busley held various senior positions at Brain Force Deutschland, Dr. Seidel Informationssysteme and BEKO Deutschland. He was also a partner and co-owner of ITPM – IT Project Management and was the responsible sales manager of ITPM.

Gudrun Kaiser - Director Finance & Administration, VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH (DE)

Gudrun Kaiser, as a long-standing authorized officer and managing director of Brain Force in Germany, gained valuable experience in the establishment and management of efficient organizational units and controlling structures. As one of Cloud7’s first employees, she was responsible for the development of organizational structures, especially in accounting, payroll accounting, project billing, and back office.

Britt Fleischmann - Country Manager Austria, VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH (AT)

Britt Fleischmann has been the Country Manager for VOQUZ IT Solutions (formerly Cloud7) since 2013 in Austria. While at Cloud7, she was instrumental in setting up distribution and resource management since the establishment of Professional Services in October 2010. Before that, she gained experience in IT project business at Brain Force as an assistant in sales and later as assistant to the director of Brain Force Germany. Later, she worked for multiple years as the managing director’s secretary of the publicly listed Brain Force Holding AG.

Peter Rattey - Director, VOQUZ Labs GmbH

Peter Rattey is managing director of SAP License Management and License Optimization at VOQUZ. He founded the consultancy company Von Consulting GmbH, which has been part of the VOQUZ Group since 2015. He played a decisive role in the first SAP Mobile Solution (Mobile Asset Management), realized it as a corporate standard at E.ON and later took over the area of the SAP strategy in the E.ON Group.