The sizzle sells the steak – How your online shop design seduces to buy

Where does the customer buy? And why? The design of an online shop is decisive for the emotions and the associated purchase decision. As in traditional marketing, online customer behavior can also be influenced by designing and arranging website elements accordingly. In an online shop, the customer should be brought to the point of purchase […]

Technical details with great effect – How to increase the user experience of your online shop – Part 3 of the E-Commerce Series “Additional benefits in online shops”

You can optimize your conversion rate with only few technical adjustments. The loading speed of your web shop is one of the most important aspects, as users are usually very impatient. There are enough alternatives to your online shop out there… If the loading times are too long, your customer will quickly decide to visit […]

What is Blockchain?

Most people think of the technology behind Bitcoin when they hear the word blockchain. Even though this was actually the original purpose of it, there is much more potential in the blockchain. Blockchain is an acronym for a whole range of Distributed Ledger (DLT) technologies that can be programmed to capture and track everything of […]

Oracle and Microsoft forge a cloud pact

Oracle and Microsoft, once fierce competitors, have formed a cloud interoperability alliance that benefits both their customers and the two vendors. Oracle and Microsoft are committed to improving the interoperability of their respective cloud platforms and offering joint customers additional deployment options. They show how competition in the cloud can lead to unlikely alliances. What […]

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service supports large companies in integrating Blockchain

More and more companies are dealing with Blockchain technology. This results in an increased need for supporting tools and structures. The software giant Oracle also uses its products and solutions to help large companies integrate Blockchain. Using various technologies, such as the “Cloud Platform”, the company built the “Oracle Blockchain Platform”, which was released in July […]

Smart Contracts with Blockchain Technology

We have already presented some possible uses for Blockchain technology in previous blog posts. But did you know that the term Smart Contracts is often used in connection with the Blockchain? In this blog post, we explain to you what Smart Contracts are all about. What are Smart Contracts? Smart contracts can be understood as computer […]

Customer Experience Analysis – Part 1: An introduction

We would like to start a new series of articles about Customer Experience Analysis and show you how important it is to understand your own customer or customer base. Some time ago we conducted a survey about Digital Business and Customer Experience with our own customers. I remembered an answer that I still don’t know […]