Create Confidence: How you achieve customer loyalty – Part 2 of the E-Commerce Series: „Additional benefits in online shops“

In contrast to linking to similar products, other features help to build up customer loyalty. A common example are reviews. Reviews give the visitor a clearer idea of a product. Reviews strengthen the visitor’s memory of the shop and increase the chance that he will come back for his next decision. Another possibility is the integration of an editorial opinion about products, e.g. with product tips, tests and comparisons. Special service guarantees which differ from competing vendors are popular, too.

Service guarantees are even more interesting, as they can easily be integrated into the layout with a separate quality seal. Thereby you can establish additional trust in your shop. There are several options how to distinguish the own online shop from a competing, e.g. the period of return, a live-chat, or a service hotline.

May I help you?

While this question causes annoying glances during a stroll through the city, it can work real wonders, if asked in an online shop. Especially chat options can drastically reduce the number of interrupted order transactions. With a “Click-to-Chat” Button on the shopping cart or checkout sites, the customer gets the chance to directly contact the vendor.

The “Chat-Fly-In” is a similar option. It is activated, if a visitor stays on a product site for a long time. If he stays there for a longer time than the average customer, this may be a sign that he is unsure about a product and needs some help. A little support into the right direction might help the visitor to make a purchase decision. The “Chat-Fly-In” function signals that the customer is centered in this online shop and that his concerns and requests matter.

Some shops use a similar approach. Every time a visitor wants to leave the purchase process without having bought something, a chat opens to offer the possibility for a direct contact request. By this means the number of interrupted order transactions can be reduced. Another possibility is to use special coupons, which are offered to the visitors to motivate them complete their purchase.

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