Final spurt – How your online shop visitor becomes a buyer – Part 4 of the E-Commerce series “Additional Benefits”

Congratulations, you’ve made it until this point: You attracted a visitor’s interest in your online shop, you convinced him to stay and feel comfortable. Now one question remains: Will he buy, or won’t he?

Keep it short and simple

Complicated website structures and registration processes have a similar effect on your customer as a long load time of a website or a long queue in the supermarket – they get angry and will leave your shop. Make sure to make the purchase in your online shop as simple as possible. On the one hand you can achieve that by offering a clear and simple structure of your shop. On the other hand you should guarantee a purchase that is as easy as possible. The customer should be able to do purchase within only a few steps.

See your online shop through your customers’ eyes

Try to see your online shop with different eyes: Is the structure clearly arranged? How many clicks do I have to do until I have my favorite product? Surveys show that a customer who cannot find what he is searching for within three clicks, will leave the online shop and visit a competitive online shop.

One click, all done

If it’s possible, do not request your customers to register for the purchase. Offer them the possibility to order as a guest. This should guarantee an even more comfortable and quicker order, as the customer only has to enter the necessary data. From a customer’s point of view, it’s important to choose the preferred means of payment for the order. Very popular in this area are “One-Click-Check-Outs”.

Surely, many Amazon customers know the “One-Click-Check-Out”. For this method, the customer has to enter the required purchase data only once. For all subsequent orders he can buy his chosen products with just one click. To do this, he only has to type in his password.

The check, please …

It’s important to know what means of payment and shipping options your target group prefers. Only if you can offer the right provider, your customer will purchase. If the preferred means of payment isn’t available, most purchases are cancelled.

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