I like! – How you convince online shop visitors to stay – Part 1 of the E-Commerce Series: „Additional benefits in online shops“

It’s a common mistake to think that a high bounce rate and a resulting low conversion rate are only caused by the design of an online shop. These performance figures can also point to a missing additional benefit for the visitors of the shop. In our Blog Series „Additional benefits in online shops“ we will show you how to turn a visitor into a customer.

Even though there’s a perfect navigation, a strong purchase intention and a high trust into the vendor, a customer will not buy in a shop, if he does not find that one piece, which he is searching for. If a customer visits an online shop, you have to make him stay until he’s ready to buy or at least make him come back, if he decides to leave. Therefore, the online shop has to offer functions with additional benefits to distinguish itself from competing vendors. Only if your online shop can offer that, you can convince your visitors to stay and buy.

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How do I make my visitors stay in my shop? If a visitor made his way into your online shop, the goal will be to make him stay as long as possible – and to make him buy products, actually. Visitors often come to an online shop via search engines, eyeball a product and leave again.

A proven additional function to keep visitors on your website is the use of links to related products. A visitor who is searching for a particular TV, may likely be interested in other TVs and the relevant equipment. The potential vendee must therefore be “forced” to notice similar products directly on the product site, he is visiting at that time.

It’s very important to do that, as most visitors don’t come to the product via the navigation of the website, but via a search engine. Therefore, they don’t see the full range of products. One click on the Return-Button and the visitor will leave your online shop, go back to Google & Co. and visit the next shop on his list. All this, before you even had the chance to show him what you have to offer. Thus, it’s better to give the possibility to click through the online shop by showing the visitor some alternative products.

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