Come to the safe side!

How to identify indirect access to SAP data & ensure compliance.


SAP licensing has always proved a challenge for companies that use the vendor’s products. Users have to have considerable knowledge of the subject in order to meet compliance regulations and contract terms.


Many licensees are concerned following SAP’s move to increase its focus on indirect access to SAP data during license measurements and audits. The affected companies that use the software face claims for heavy additional fees if they fail to reach an agreement with SAP in advance regarding third-party system access.


Companies need to be optimally prepared for negotiations with SAP and recognize the risks they face, even if the lines are often blurred when it comes to ‘indirect access.’ This is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the best outcome possible.


This whitepaper begins by analyzing the legal grounds underpinning SAP’s claims. It then describes how SAP users can determine if and how SAP data is being indirectly accessed and what options they have when it comes to negotiating with SAP regarding ‘indirect access.’


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