White paper Digital Access 2.0

All that you have to know about the new Indirect Access of SAP

The topic of indirect access has been causing a lot of unrest among SAP users for years now. For a long time, there were no precise regulations on this from the side of SAP. In April 2018, a definition was published on how Indirect Access has to be licensed in the future.


As an SAP customer, you are now faced with the difficult choice of whether to use the new pricing model or whether to stick with your old, negotiated version.


At this point it becomes confusing for many companies, because at the present time it is not clear which way is best to go. Many companies are therefore asking themselves the same questions:


• Does it make sense to simply wait until the measurement is carried out automatically?

• Are my old contracts possibly sufficient?

• Can precautions be taken to avoid falling into an undefined cost trap?


This whitepaper is designed to help you answer these and other questions and help you choose the right option. We‘ll show you how to determine your current situation and use this information to make the right decision about the different licensing options.


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