New features & greater performance:

samQ v1.7


It was about time to add great new features to samQ and make it work even faster on your SAP license optimization. That's why we have distributed a new release to samQ. This is included in version 1.7:


Central engine measurement at the push of a button

SAP engine measurement with samQ
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No more nasty surprises. With samQ, you keep track of your engine costs. At the push of a button, samQ determines engine consumption across all connected SAP systems. The data are merged, consolidated and displayed centrally in samQ in table form. A comparision with the data from your SAP contract will tell you where you stand.

Tabular license history in samQ
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Graphical license history in samQ
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New features for analyzing your license inventory

samQ collects historical measurement data that can be displayed in a tabular or graphical form. This way you can analyze changes in the license distribution. Who has changed their license at which time? Is there any need to stock up on licenses? Would it be useful to define special license types? Recognize trends, take countermeasures and budget an additional demand early.

Faster, clearer, more efficient

We have given samQ a strict facelifting for this new release. Modules and functions are grouped logically and based on the frequency of their use. This makes the operation of samQ a lot easier and much clearer.

Fixed SAP license mapping in samQ
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Fixed License Mapping

Exclude users from optimization by assigning them a fixed license. Define user groups or select users based on a fixed transaction or component / subcompenent usage. You can also assign fixed licenses to entire SAP systems or individual clients. It's dynamic and fully automatical, of course.

Shorter analysis and optimization times thanks to asynchronous optimization

Our optimization engine in the s-system is now even more powerful. The asynchronous processing of incoming queries allows shorter processing times and improved performance. Analysis results are now available even faster. 

Experience samQ

Would you like to know more about our SAP license management and optimization tool samQ? Want to see samQ live and in action? Then we should get in touch:



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