Here you can find all videos about our products, services and career at VOQUZ. More videos in English coming soon.



Improved user interface and new features - this is samQ 2.0



Who is VOQUZ? A brief introduction by our US team.



A short introduction to software asset management.



SAP license management with samQ.



SAP license management & optimization with samQ



samQ webinar trailer (German only)



What's VOQUZ doing? A short overview by VOQUZ sales manager Christian Unglaub. (German only)




How can companies improve their collaboration-effectiveness without neglecting compliance aspects? A few impressions from the VOQUZ Expertentag. (German only)



Günter Gerstmann, Director Sales at VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH, shares some good advice for consultants who look for job oppotunities. (German only)



"We need more women in IT consulting," says Günter Gerstman, Director Sales at VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH, during a panel discussion hosted by COMPUTERWOCHE at the CeBIT fair. (German only)



Generation Y is entering IT consultancies. Günter Gerstmann talks about challenges and opportunities. (German only)



Working close to your home or far away? Günter Gerstmann, VOQUZ IT Solutions, talks about pros and cons. (German only)



"IT is changing constantly," says Günter Gerstmann, Director Sales at VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH. (German only)