In our webinars we will explore different issues: from negotiating additional payments with SAP to authorization concepts and the development of an Identity & Access Management concept. Our experts will show you how you can easily meet any challenge, and will help answering your questions.


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Simple SAP Authorization and Identity Management

Is the idea of a role redesign project scaring the bejesus out of your team? Segregation of Duties (SOD), pressure from auditors und SOX-compliance risks make you break out in cold sweats? We might just have a solution for you - the power of GRC in a compact and user-friendly application. Learn how to clean up your SAP authorizations in a New York minute using our setQ Authorization Manager for SAP.

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5 Ways to Avoid a Surprise Audit: SAP Indirect Access

SAP released a revised policy for Indirect Access licensing last week. The introduction of outcome-based licensing brings with it 9 new types of business documents customers will have to license. In collaboration with our partner Rimini Street, we’ll explain how you can best navigate Indirect Access licensing in order to avoid unexpected costs.

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SAP license optimization – How to reduce significant costs and risks

Do you really keep an eye on your SAP licenses? Do you know who uses which license and if he’s authorized to? In this webinar you will learn how you optimize your SAP licenses and save costs.

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SAP Indirect Access: “Don’t get caught out”

Throughout the last few years, the number of unfriendly SAP Audits was rising. And with some high-profile instances concerning Indirect Access last year, SAP customers are getting even more nervous. The anxiety about Indirect Access and a SAP Audit is circulating.

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Are you ready for SAP self-audit season?

We are approaching this time of the year again: It's SAP self-audit season! Don't feel prepared? Got a sense you're overspending? 

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Indirect usage of SAP systems

Are you using 3rd-party software that plugs into SAP? Does your CRM software query your ERP system? It often comes as a surprise to our clients that many scenarios of 3rd-party software integration can make them vulnerable to “Indirect Usage” – a situation often ending in thousands or millions of dollars in indirect usage fees.

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