Only the fast ones survive in today’s market. This requires optimized work structures. The magic word is DevOps!

With DevOps all kinds of challenges in the IT environment are to be mastered. To achieve this, there must be better collaboration between Development and Operations.

There is no DevOps nirvana reached by merging your development and operations departments however. To the contrary, there’s an entire methodology and school of thought behind DevOps your teams will have to adopt.

At many companies DevOps is a hollow concept. VOQUZ teaches concrete ways to implement DevOps according to your own requirements. At VOQUZ we understand DevOps as a methodical approach to attain a better deployment of software and infrastructure within an agile environment. This is not only achieved through an intelligent use of tools, but above all, through on-going coaching on the job.



There has been a real hype about the term DevOps for some time now. For us, this is not a buzzword that is only currently relevant, but an agile methodology that needs to be learned. We help you take your first steps into the DevOps world!


Our consultants introduce the DevOps methodology to you and train your employees thoroughly. This includes DevOps logistics and DevOps organization in the project teams and the associated departments.

This way your teams know which processes are important and who bears which responsibilities. In addition, we also provide you with requirement profiles regarding the positions to be filled.

Different project locations and distributed teams across different time zones? No problem for us!

Why should you take advantage of our offer?

By using DevOps you use modern agile methods to optimize release cycles in your project. An application of DevOps can only succeed if your employees are properly trained. Benefit from our many years of experience in a wide variety of projects. We show you how to adapt DevOps to your requirements and thus use it optimally.

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You already use DevOps, but don’t see any improvements in your processes? With our DevOps-Coaching your processes will be successful!

Your advantages:
With our coaching you ensure that all project participants are integrated into the process and have a uniform understanding of it.

To optimize your current processes, we will provide you with a coaching plan tailored to your needs and circumstances.


  • Analysis of processes
  • Analysis of the project team
  • Analysis of the tools used
  • Introduction DevOps
  • Monitoring:
    • From start 3 weeks project support
    • 9 weeks after start review of the DevOps processes

You receive a detailed analysis report (the scope depends on the analysis results). Workshop material will be provided.

In the event of deficits within the project teams, we are happy to offer you training courses or further coaching in the special topics.

Why should you choose this offer?

VOQUZ has many years of experience in the project environment. We implement processes as you need them. This means that we do not always apply processes strictly according to specifications, but adapt them individually for each customer. Only in this way DevOps leads to success!

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