You have a new website and want to make sure that every thing is in order? Have you been operating a website for a long time, but the traffic isn’t where you’d want it to be? After a while it’s not uncommon to develop a bit of operational blindness with your own webpage. We can help with an objective view!

Our experts will conduct a surface level analysis of your website with our free „Quick Check” and show you where you have potential for optimization. This way you will be able to see if your website is on good path or whether there are areas that you can improve.

What’s waiting for you:

  • Free quick check of your website
  • Takes 30 minutes max.
  • Only website/frontend
  • High level result report complete with suggestions for next septs (max. length of 1 DIN A4 page)

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You have put a lot of effort into your website and look at your results with great pride – only issue, the traffic just won’t find its way. We will put your website under a microscope and show you what you can improve, be it customer experience or usability according to the Best Practices. With this analysis you can additionally find out whether you can optimize you KPIs regarding the performance.

Our offer:

Detailed analysis reports for the following topics complete with suggested next steps (scope is dependent on the results of our analysis).

Code Quality Analysis

Security Checks

Performance Analysis

Customer experience Best Practices/Frontend

Customer experience Best Practices/End to End

Search analysis

Checking of the integration with surrounding systems

Platform analysis

Where’s why you should utilize our offer:

Extensive analysis reports

Suggestions for next steps: Here’s what you should change

Objective view of your website by experts

Identification of vulnerabilities in your security

Improvement of the source code

Increase of the ROI via necessary adaptions

Take advantage of years’ worth of expert experience

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