Saving is always a good idea. One of the most popular ideas to reduce the cost of software development is outsourcing, preferably to low-cost countries. Here, the Middle East and India are the cheapest. But be careful here! Foreign cultures, more than 6 hours time difference, language barriers and much more.


IT outsourcing to Asia sounds too risky for you? You prefer to have your software development team within the EU? And you are looking for a solution for a shortage of specialists and tight IT budgets?   
The solution: Your own software development team in Romania in Cluj!


We build your dedicated software development team. Fast. Cost-efficient. Sustainable.
Each developer is carefully selected especially for you. We do not have employees who are "freely" available. Instead, we recruit suitable specialists for you from a pool of pre-selected candidates.


We are a boutique tech company and offer nearshore development tailored to your needs - from strategy, talent selection and onboarding plan to team governance:


  • Needs analysis
  • Qualification & Team Building   
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Consulting & Support
  • Partnership relationship

We offer high-quality development teams from front-end and back-end web development to mobile applications. However, we also offer teams for the maintenance of your "old applications" and for batch flow control. And we offer teams for network administration and administrative services.
Our technical capabilities:

Java, JavaScript, C#,, php, pl/sql, Pyton, Angular
Oracle, Postgres, MS-SQL
Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, ...


Setting up a nearshore team with VOQUZ means that you can open your own nearshore development centre without any effort. Your nearshore developers are full-time employees and are just as interested in your success as your in-house team. You, your technical manager or your project manager communicate directly with the extended team. No third party, no misunderstandings.


Your team grows with your requirements and according to your needs. If you want to downsize the team, you only need to let us know 6 weeks in advance.


You pay the salaries of your developers and a fixed monthly service fee for our services.