“Jump onto a trend whether you believe in it or not, because the market wants it that way.” Jack Welch.

Though this quote is rather debatable, this definitely applies to nearshore developments. This is at least true for projects that are suitable for this purpose, because IT costs can be easily reduced. Projects can also be handled more flexibly. This can happen through, for example, more rapid availability in staffing needs, improved planning, and transparency. This is not only good for corporations. It’s good for SMEs, too.

Safety concerns, language barriers, and complex cooperation with local partners raise some concerns. Not with us! Our Global Delivery Model ensures efficient nearshoring combined with on-site supervision of the local teams and nearshore settlement with clearly defined tasks. We consciously create a local interface to the user within the organizational structure. We’re in control of cultural differences, and different ways of working and different leadership styles are familiar to us. Our project management and our change management processes are oriented with this aim in mind.

Not all IT projects are suitable for nearshore processing. As a rule of thumb: The more intense the communication needs to be with the user, the less advisable it is to outsource. Migration projects to new platforms are particularly well suited. App development and maintenance to existing systems are also good nearshoring projects. You shouldn’t have to make the call on nearshoring alone, because you’ve got us and our team of experts.