Everyone used to do it and everyone thought it was pretty great. Outsourcing was a mass phenomenon of which everyone wanted a piece.
Those days are over. Doing it yourself is back in style, but now even smaller details are trending.

We understand this and now offer complete outsourcing as well as selective outsourcing. We take a particular part of performance and are only responsible for this part of a given function. This special kind of outsourcing is called transitional outsourcing. This allows you to turn your old IT into new IT. We take over old technologies, which will allow you to concentrate on the creation of new ones.

Whether complete, selective, or transitional outsourcing, our portfolio and our services are simply good. They have been created across industries and they are also suitable for small and medium enterprises.

What can you gain from this? We can optimize your IT costs and make you more efficient. This increases your innovation. How do you know that you can rely on us? We have decades of experience, we demonstrate excellent technological know-how, we know our way around many branches perfectly, and we provide excellent advice.
Let us introduce you to modern governance requirements.
We’ll help you meet and exceed current safety and quality requirements.


Is outsourcing too daring for your sensitive sector? Then we have something for you: Outtasking.

We take on individual tasks in the project. The conceptual planning, process control, and personal responsibilities remain with you. We keep a pool of flexible and competent professionals ready run everything properly. Whether you want to permanently outsource or test out our capabilities to develop our relationship more for later, there is no other outtasking as flexible as ours at VOQUZ. What’s more, we have the right experts for each task.