So test therefore who... Because: Divorce is expensive. So that you do not have to negate what you have publicly and solemnly sworn, we will help you test your applications before it is too late. We find both vulnerabilities as well as functional errors in your software.


Security Testing

The earlier vulnerabilities and security holes are found, the better. Therefore, we use different testing methods to find every little gap. The following procedures we have mastered blindfolded:



Functional Testing

Does the application fulfill its function? Does it calculate correctly? Are all contents accessible? That can be found out easily with a couple of different tests:



For this test, we generate an expected (extreme) load on the system in order to observe its behavior. The goal is to detect specific load difficulties (e.g. required response times, system crashes, etc.). The (sub) system has to be in a functionally stable condition in order to be tested for load coping.


Smoke test:

This test only considers a subset of all defined/planned test cases. The test is to determine whether the most important functions of a program work, but without taking into account individual details.


Usability test:

The focus here is on the applicability and intuitiveness of an application. For this, we distinguish important user groups (internal staff or consumers without specialized knowledge of those topics).


Mobile testing:

It is necessary to consider the application itself, but also specific conditions, which mobile systems are subject to (multi-platform, multi-hardware, connection quality, telecommunication network with the specific vulnerabilities, etc.). In addition, there is a special dynamic and the applications are relatively simple, small and lean, but need to meet the requirements of the operator platform (iOS, Android, etc.). They are quickly used by the thousand, or refused within seconds and deleted when they do not meet the user’s expectations. However, today these platforms are particularly important for many businesses, so there is a high demand for mobile testing. It is essential to distinguish between pure software testing and the overall environment (with network, hardware, etc.).


Agile testing:

Agile Testing is not a completely different form of testing, but takes the organizational form of agile projects more into consideration, since the test needs to be integrated differently than in a classic waterfall model. In addition, the tester and the infrastructure need to fulfill other requirements in terms of organization, content and technology.