VCrwal - The Next Generation Staffing Portal

Digitalize your recruiting process and increase your turnover!

VCrawl was developed on the basis of decades of experience in the industry. It digitizes your recurring work processes so that you have more freedom for qualitative tasks. In this way, VCrawl enables you to create even more professional applicant, employee and customer loyalty. 


Directly to the right candidate


You have a flood of talent in your talent pool and want to filter out the best candidate for your current requirement within seconds? VCrawl will do that for you. How? Through an intelligent and easy to use search engine. 

You don't have to worry about which data type (name, location, skills, ...) you are looking for. As easy as with Google, you enter your search terms in a search line and you will immediately be presented the results of the search. In addition to the data already listed in the result tiles, such as name, availability, hourly rate and region/city, a simple mouse-over will provide you with information on how often the search term was found in the candidate's database and also a brief description of his or her skills and experience. A simple click is enough and you have the candidate CV in front of you.

Is it MS-SQL, MSSQL or Microsoft SQL? Is Phyton or Python the correct spelling? No matter what you enter, VCrawl can interpret it and searches for all possibilities. And a variety of filters help you to further narrow down the search result. So you can quickly and easily assign the best candidates to a project with a mouse click.



All important details at a glance


The detailed view gives you a quick overview. You will find all information on the candidate and the activities of the recruiting process clearly displayed.


  • Overview
    Personal / Work / Social Media / Skills / Recruiting
  • Projects
    Listing of all assigned projects
  • Activities
    Phone notes / Mails
  • CV`s
    Internal application documents of the candidate / External CVs
  • Contracts
    Existing and expired contracts with the candidate
  • History
    Technical activities



Advantages at a glance

  • Ultimate user comfort through the simple and intuitive web interface
  • Enter search terms and VCrawl immediately presents the suitable candidates
  • Search Engine searches large databases in the shortest time
  • A variety of filters help to identify the most suitable candidate even faster
  • AI and machine learning based automatic matching and offering



Are you looking for just such a solution? You want to search for candidates in the future as easily as with a normal Google search? Then get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.