Customer Experience Analysis – Part 1: An introduction

We would like to start a new series of articles about Customer Experience Analysis and show you how important it is to understand your own customer or customer base. Some time ago we conducted a survey about Digital Business and Customer Experience with our own customers. I remembered an answer that I still don’t know […]

Customer Experience Analysis – Part 5: Implementation of a pilot project

We will conclude our series of articles on Customer Experience Analysis with a description of a pilot project and some important tips. Building blocks of a pilot project The following four building blocks form the basis for the implementation of a pilot project: Mood – How do customers or prospective buyers experience online shopping? Customer […]

Customer Experience Analysis – Part 2: The Problem

In Part 1 of our Customer Experience Analysis blog series, we explained the basics of Customer Experience (CX). What does this mean for everyday life and how exactly can I analyze my CX? These questions will be addressed in the following sections. First, we’d like to ask you the following: Do you think you know […]

Customer Experience Analysis – Part 3: The customers

A company’s greatest good are its customers. If a company cannot convince its existing or potential customers, it will be difficult to do successful business. The key to success is customer loyalty. We can equate the term customer loyalty with loyalty. But how does loyalty actually come about? On the one hand customers make their […]

Customer Experience Analysis – Part 4: The Analysis Methods

After having defined some basic terms and principles in the previous articles, it is now a matter of getting to know the methods with which you can improve your customer experience. Methods For every question there is the right method or better methods. These are our tools for measuring loyalty, CX and optimization. First, you […]