The sizzle sells the steak – How your online shop design seduces to buy

Where does the customer buy? And why? The design of an online shop is decisive for the emotions and the associated purchase decision. As in traditional marketing, online customer behavior can also be influenced by designing and arranging website elements accordingly. In an online shop, the customer should be brought to the point of purchase in a logical and simple way.

Call-to-Action: Buy! Buy! Buy!

The clear structure of an online shop should always be put forward. Any unpleasant distraction can lead to the termination of the purchase process or even to the final loss of a potential customer. Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons, which are intended to trigger an action with the buyer, are a proven means of persuading customers to buy. Be sure to highlight them clearly. In practice, signal colors such as red or orange are proved and tested.

Experience shows that red and orange buttons are clicked more frequently than other colors. But please don’t exaggerate! If all buttons are red, the customer doesn’t have an overview anymore. Not all functions in an online shop are important. For each website, the focus should always be on only one function in order to not overwhelm the online shop visitors. The use of a signal color for the shopping cart function is a good approach to direct the customer into the desired way. All other buttons should move into the background.

Intuitively through the online shop

In addition to the focus on the individual functions, the arrangement of the various elements also plays an important role. Create your pages in such a way that the visitor can move around intuitively. In order for this to succeed, a concept for the layout that is tailored to the respective customer needs should first be defined.

Do you know your target group?

Before launching an online shop, it is therefore important to determine the needs of your customers. Define your target group precisely in order to address the right customers. Each target group behaves differently during the buying process. Design your online shop in such a way that your target group will surely buy.
A customer who only wants to “stroll” or “get inspired” makes different demands on the online shop than a customer who is looking for a specific product or service. A central theme and the knowledge of the needs and approaches of the target group are therefore essential for the design of the online shop. Think carefully about how your target group looks like and adjust your structure accordingly.

Explain your product

In the case of innovative and information-intensive products, it usually makes sense to start with a short product description. In the apparel industry, on the other hand, the product description very often receives a less prominent place. Here it is usually the product photos that decide.

Less is more

Particularly with online shops, you should make sure that you adhere to the defined structure. In most cases a clear page layout reaches customers better than an overloaded layout. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy! The faster a customer is getting ahead in an online shop, the lower the bounce rate.

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