Only the fast ones survive in today’s market. This requires optimized work structures. The magic word is DevOps!

With DevOps all kinds of challenges in the IT environment are to be mastered. To achieve this, there must be better collaboration between Development and Operations.

There is no DevOps nirvana reached by merging your development and operations departments however. To the contrary, there’s an entire methodology and school of thought behind DevOps your teams will have to adopt.

At many companies DevOps is a hollow concept. VOQUZ teaches concrete ways to implement DevOps according to your own requirements. At VOQUZ we understand DevOps as a methodical approach to attain a better deployment of software and infrastructure within an agile environment. This is not only achieved through an intelligent use of tools, but above all, through on-going coaching on the job.

What are the advantages? Since procedures are made identical throughout the whole software process, release cycles are shortened, and the risk of untested elements is reduced. This accelerates your output while adding increased security. In addition, collaboration between teams strengthens inter-company communication and was proven to lift the team spirit.

We are vendor-independent and cover a wide variety of tools (Nagios, Monit, Kibana), operating systems (LINUX/UNIX), infrastructure (IaaS through our own hosted systems) and development (Java, Eclipse, JBOSS, DB Oracle).