Quality Assurance


They should be functional and safe. Therefore, we test your applications as thoroughly and often as necessary, with a holistic and consistent focus on functionality and application security. To ensure that our results meet your requirements, measurability and traceability are particularly important to us.


That is why we also offer highly specialized tools and managed services in addition to traditional consulting and test performance. We can handle any challenge and find every little vulnerability.



Our approach

Every customer is different and there are testing tools a dime a dozen. However, each tool considers only specific issues regarding quality assurance. We have created a content and organizational framework that integrates all functional and security tests, thus covering all our customers’ requirements. Our Application Quality Framework is tried and tested and is based on current market standards and norms. The modular design of this framework gives our customers the flexibility to select the services, methods and standards according to their unique requirements.


We advise you, whether it is with the test planning or implementation, or in case of an emergency.

Project Management

We help you find the specialist you need for a successful project, whether it is for the management of complete or partial projects, for development or for testing.


We operate your security applications on our systems and relieve your infrastructure.


You can outsource your testing to VOQUZ and our nearshore center in Romania – depending on your needs.


Testing takes place directly at your site.


We apply common standards and best-practice methods (e.g. based on ISTQB or IREB) and adapt according to industry-specific requirements.


We only use first-class software from selected partners for our application security testing and log analysis.


Using suitable tools, we collect and structure information about the application status.

Test Execution

According to your requirements incl. documentation of the test and its results. The perfect base for future tests and further development.

Test Management

Experienced and certified test managers control, advise and accompany your project.

Test Automation

Helpful, reduces costs and accelerates, but especially in dynamic environments you have to be careful. We only recommend this test after 5 unchanged test runs.

Functional Test

We are testing whether the application fulfills its purpose. Does it calculate properly? Are all contents accessible? Is the application appropriate for the task?

Load and Performance Tests

We test the application behavior under an anticipated, extreme load. For this test, the system has to be already in a functionally stable condition.

Smoke Test

A pragmatic way to get started. We quickly find simple problems that are serious enough to require more intense testing and revision of the application.

Usability Test

Determining the usability and suitability of a software with the help of usage scenarios. The aim is the detailed optimization of interactive processes, and thus an improved usage.

Mobile Testing

Considers various devices, screens, keyboards and operating systems. This test is particularly complex and the applications size is disproportionate to the test effort.

Agile Testing

Supports development teams in agile projects. The test is organized differently and is executed by all team members. They possess broader developer skills.

What we offer you:

  • Consulting, design and implementation of customized solutions for quality assurance
  • Project work: project management, test management, test execution, automation, etc.
  • Right from the beginning or entry during ongoing testing projects
  • Managed testing service solutions for all types of tests
  • Managed Application Security Testing (Qast)
  • Agile and mobile testing
  • Selection and implementation of software tools for application security testing and advanced analytics
  • Industry orientation in test
  • Managed Services with central local contacts


How do you benefit?

  • Early detection of safety, functional or compliance gaps already during application development and throughout the process, form defining the requirements until go-live.
  • Combination of services and tools saves costs
  • Relief of own IT and test experts
  • Best-of-breed tools and high-quality consulting on selection and implementation
  • Test services from a single source: one contact person, high efficiency, standardized billing
  • Flexible service models with different options concerning contract design, place of performance and billing modalities
  • Even with remote services, you always have a local contact who understands you