Safety first!


Managed Application Security Testing with Qast

Today, there is no business process that does not require any software. Often highly sensitive data are processed, which draws the attention of hackers and data protection authorities. How can companies protect themselves against attacks from the outside and close security gaps in their applications before damage is done? They invest a lot of time and money. Thanks to Qast, the VOQUZ Managed Application Security Testing Service, companies can now outsource their security testing and release their bound financial, time and human resources.

What we do for you:

VOQUZ takes care of the security testing of your software as a managed service, so your developers can concentrate on the essentials of their work. Our security experts are familiar with all common types of tests, whether it is SAST, DAST, IAST or MAST. Using carefully selected, first-class tools Qast is an efficient and cost-effective solution for companies to quickly identify and trace technical and logical vulnerabilities in their applications.

What makes Qast so special is that we offer our customers a real service, not just a technology operation. We have fully trained in-house security experts and our customers always have a personal contact in their region, who is always at their disposal. Close communication and continuous feedback secure both application security and the satisfaction of our customers.

We scan your source code, binary or byte code and from the results we create a detailed report, including classification of the found vulnerabilities or potential false positives. This way you receive:


  • An exact description of the vulnerability with reference to the code.
  • Suggestions for the best fix locations
  • Assistance in addressing the vulnerability

If desired, the scan results can also be forwarded to a ticket systems such as Jira in order to be processed faster. This way you can easily fix the vulnerabilities where they originated: in the source code.


What is Qast exactly?

Qast is a customizable service for application security testing that fully adapts to our customers’ needs. Our service include various types of tests and advanced analytics.



Your benefit

  • Service on demand (hybrid or full service)
  • Quick implementation
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Increase of productivity
  • Predictable costs
  • No license purchases
  • No unused software
  • No cloud problems because of planned place of performance (DE / RO)
  • Always the latest version
  • Simple billing modalities