SAP licensing optimization made easy!

License Compliance und Cost Reduction through Continuous Optimization of SAP Licenses

Different year, same procedure! When SAP announces that it will conduct a licensing measurement, many companies have trouble identifying reliable information about their license inventory. The questions just keep rolling in:

•    Who uses SAP?
•    Does each user have the correct license?
•    Which SAP applications are used by which users and to what extent?
•    What is the total number of SAP licenses within the whole company?
•    How many licenses are actually needed?

With samQ, the SAP-licensing management tool by VOQUZ, you will have the answers to these questions at the push of a button. Thanks to samQ, you can have an accurate picture of your current license inventory. This allows you to be perfectly prepared for your next license measurement. You can also determine the optimal license demand for your business. With samQ, you will always be perfectly prepared to for your next license measurement at the drop of a hat!

Continuous Optimization and Cost Control

samQ is an add-on for the optimization of SAP licenses. Existing SAP licenses are checked against actual user activity via usage analysis. Immediate changes will be made to licenses where applicable. Inactive and duplicate users will also be identified and deactivated. As a result, companies will have permanently optimized SAP landscapes with vacated licenses. These can be used for other purposes and they do not have to be repurchased at a more expensive rate. As such, SAP licensing becomes transparent and verifiable.
Extensive customizing settings provide samQ users with a demand-oriented and accurate picture of business conditions. Users can take all details from their company-specific SAP contracts into account with the customizing options. If we have piqued your interest, we also offer the opportunity to run a test installation. This allows you to play it safe and know exactly when this investment will pay off for you.



What does samQ do?

  • Determines the optimal named user license category for each user based on their SAP usage.
  • Automated license allocation
  • Permanent optimization of license distribution
  • User consolidation

How do you benefit?

  • Reduction of administrative burdens
  • Reduction of licensing and maintenance costs
  • Legal safeguards and software license compliance
  • Transparent SAP license measurement
  • Simplified reporting
  • More exact overview of your licensing requirements to use for your next SAP contract negotiation


For further information about samQ please visit our subsidiary VOQUZ Labs.