SAP Authorization Management – Simplified Compliance Assurance with setQ

Does the following sound familar? Historic growth of an organization’s SAP user roles creates risk and management challenges, that are rarely remediated without large-scale efforts or negative impacts on day-to-day operations. A clear and centralized picture about who currently has (and should have) which authorizations tends to become fuzzier with every passing year of SAP usage. One contributor to this challenge is a common workaround: employees and developers request and are provided more access than they require to perform job duties. But there is a better way: setQ Authorization Manager centralizes your system-wide role management while kicking security & compliance issues to the curb once and for all.

SAP-Authorization and Identity Management – Easy as 1-2-3

setQ Authorization Manager for SAP Software automates role approval and assignment processes while making all related processes fully transparent for the business. Assignments are managed from a central dashboard – ensuring you have complete control over all connected systems. Managing your role design on an on-going basis also gets the setQ treatment: SAP admins can use the familiar SAP GUI while business stakeholders gain access via a simple web interface to receive intelligent real-time information on how to remediate SOD conflicts.

Compliance and Security – setQ Keeps You Safe on Many Levels

Security, SOX, and GDPR? Compliance and privacy topics are gaining increased momentum, creating a need for a robust toolkit you can trust. setQ ensures that access to SAP is assigned reliably and securely – using a vast array of templates for job positions, org elements, and SOD rulesets. The contents of org-wide authorizations objects and roles are made transparent and traceable, allowing you to build a compliant end-to-end process for the SAP landscape at large. It’s finally your turn to show auditors who’s boss.

Design and Migrate to a New Role Concept on the Fly

setQ employs a reference model that drastically accelerates initial Role-Design and Re-Design using a modular architecture. Hundreds of templates simplify the functional aspects of designing, maintaining and reducing excess access of a best-practice authorization concept, without requiring large-scale efforts or the help of external consultants. Even during the plug-and-play creation of new roles and concepts, setQ runs real-time checks for critical SOD conflicts in the background and can prevent them from being pushed to production automatically. The deployment of your new roles follows a transparent ruleset and does not require complicated tinkering to get started. While legacy Identity Management for SAP requires complex knowledge and months of setup and refinement, a setQ install is fast and simple.

Lowering Costs by Knowing the Right Combinations

Creating order out of chaos deep inside the inner workings of your SAP systems was never an easy feat. Adding fuel to the fire are SAP’s regular policy changes that can complicate SAP User Licensing and Authorization management further – driving up your Total Cost of Ownership unless correctly managed. Investing in a best-in-class Authorization and License Management Solution positively impacts your bottom line while solving top-of-mind challenges.

Reap the benefits from a perfectly tuned SAP Identity Management solution using VOQUZ’s intelligent suite of SAP add-ons. Tap into the connective tissue between SAP Licensing and Authorization management: using our optional samQ License Optimizer for SAP you can identify unused transaction codes in roles for automatic removal using setQ.

Reduce costs and simplify your SAP:

Historically, SAP’s contractual user definitions were written to be assigned based on performed activities (executed functions and transactions codes) ? i.e. low-cost license for low SAP usage

SAP’s new approach: current and future contracts are reworded to force license assignments based on the potential access a user has (regardless of whether it’s used or not) ? risk of unexpected ballooning costs following an SAP audit + an opportunity to clean up your role concept in anticipation of SAP’s upcoming changes.

Advantages at-a-glance

  • Quick installation and unparalleled usability
  • Centralized and simple control mechanisms for roles and authorizations
  • Reduction of costs and management efforts through automation
  • Compliance & Security assurance
  • SOX -Compliant Authorization Management
  • Automatic prevention of critical combinations and SOD conflicts
  • Dramatic workload reduction for Basis and Security Teams
  • Request, approval and assignment processes for authorizations are accelerated significantly for new and existing SAP users


For further information about setQ please visit our subsidiary VOQUZ Labs.