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Would you like to know more about our SAP license management and optimization tool samQ? Or do you want to see samQ live and in action? Please get in touch with us and choose your option below:

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Phone Connect

We answers any questions you may have regarding our solution samQ + SAP Licensing, Cost Reduction and Indirect Access Compliance.


samQ Web Demo

We discuss the intricacies of SAP licensing and walk you through samQ’s optimization approach via a remote session.


License Optimization Assessment

The goal of our assessment is to recognize the potential for cost optimization, stemming from adopting a dynamic licensing approach that factors in actual business needs - based on usage patterns consolidated across all SAP instances. Most organizations base their license allocation on roles and profiles, assigning higher value licenses proportionally to a user’s access level. Therein lies the potential to optimize your license spending by an average 40%. During the License Optimization Assessment, you’ll work with our licensing experts. We set up a tailored database of 60,000 SAP transactions, which are used to calculate your potential to re-classify users into more affordable classes.