SAP License Advisory Services, Contractual Optimization, and Audit Defense


Frequently changing licensing models, uncertainty regarding Indirect Access, and missed opportunities during S/4HANA cost negotiations ... SAP License Management is full of challenges that customers should be aware of. Unless your VMO, IT Leadership, and SAP Basis Teams have a shared understanding of your organization’s License Utilization and Cost Optimization Potential, it’s all too easy to overspend on unneeded licenses.


Knowledge is power

In life and in enterprise licensing, knowledge is power. SAP gains the upper hand whenever their sales teams notice that customers have no transparent data about their license utilization. On the other hand customers who can demonstrate transparent and optimized licensing processes paired with a superior understanding of their actual licensing needs, are able to significantly increase the cost efficiency of their existing SAP investment.


A clever calculation: Software + Advisory

While using tailored Software Asset Management Software for SAP can solve one part of the licensing equation, it’s just important to consider your contractual framework to interpret your Optimized License Position through the right lens.  For long-standing customers the number of SAP appendices can easily reach a number in the hundreds. Given that no two customer contracts are alike, it takes a lot of patience and expertise to get to the bottom of everything.


Whether you’re reviewing your existing contracts or a sales proposal, you may be asking similar questions: Are we paying competitive prices compared to other companies our size? Are the discounts we negotiated in line with fair market rates? What’s the most effective way to successfully conclude a SAP negotiation? What’s often missing to answer these kinds of question is perspective.


Get a solid licensing foundation

The unique combination of our samQ License Optimizer for SAP application with the deep industry expertise of our SAP License Advisors makes us a formidable partner to have in your corner to discuss all things about SAP Licensing. Our license consultants bring an in-depth understanding of the SAP product landscape and decades of experience in contract negotiations with SAP to the table. Our mission is to create a licensing strategy that takes your short and long term goals into consideration in order to get you a solid licensing foundation whose benefits you’ll reap for years to come. 


Available Services:



Pricing, discount levels, use rights, deviations, risks and opportunities



Significant cost reduction for S/4HANA migration through licensing efficiencies

Negotiation planning and support

License exchanges and strategic purchasing 

Audit Defense including automated system clean-up and active negotiation support



Financial modeling and scenario comparisons

Exchange or termination of licenses that are no longer used ("shelf-ware")

Analysis and avoidance of compliance problems regarding Indirect/Digital Access

Advisory for Third-Party Maintenance

Migration planning


We’re here to support you as a trusted independent advisor in all aspects of SAP licensing and contracting. What questions can we answer for you today? Click here to arrange a 30-minute consultation with our License Advisors.