You can find our current positions and projects in our vPortal. There you can simply use the search bar and a variety of filters to find the perfect project/position for you.

The Match Score shows you how well the terms you searched apply to the found positions. If you have found a project that you like, you can mark it as a favorite so you can easily keep track of it and apply to it later on.

To the vPortal


We have added two filter options for you. One filter is for the type of employment. Here you can filter between permanent employment and freelance work.

The Hot Projects are current projects and positions that are to be filled in the near future. Projects and positions that aren’t marked as Hot are already filled. It is however possible that they may need to be filled anew or that a project with gains additional capacity that needs to be filled.


Automatic Project/Position recommendations

When you have submitted and application to us, our systems will find projects and offers and recommends them to you. You, of course, have the ability to deactivate this service at any time.

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